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Responsive Website Design and Development
Our designed and developed websites look beautiful across multiple devices.

A good website designer is so much more than a designer – Their job is to understand your business, services, values, culture, key features, and to develop exceptional strategies, to come up with the right visual elements for your website display which are then put together intellectually to form a digital image that narrates your brand personality traits prosperously. We at Pixels Logo Design make your imagination a reality – Giving your online presence a face that is not just admired by the audience but creates an impact that separates you from the competitors; you get an identity of your own. We believe that your website should be as impressive as your business concept for it is an effective medium to communicate your ideas, values and specializations to the desired audience and this is where our team predominates.
Pixels Logo Design leads a team of highly skilled and knowledgeable website designer that never fall short of endeavours to make your marketing plan an accomplishment. Yes, our experts shape your website design in conformity with your marketing and branding strategies to develop results that are more likely to suit your brand image. Our methods and techniques to building a website are more focused on long term functioning and prosperity. Moreover, a good website includes characteristics like clear communication, a user-friendly portal, unique-interface, attention-grabbing visuals and not to forget good Search Engine Optimization. Being a leader you must first realize that your digital forefront holds equal importance as of your other primary business activities; it has the ability to make or break your business plan. Whether it is a start-up or an existing organization, our experts revamp and redefine your business concept through a website design which not just grabs attention but converts leads in to sales.
Our excellent team is enriched with knowledge of relevant field with great understanding of consumer psychology and has a command over new technologies to produce industry standard results. We believe that sound knowledge of consumer behaviour and psychology plays a vital role in shaping good website displays and interface for it triggers the right thoughts in the viewer’s mind when they first lay their eyes on a website. A website should be interesting enough to hold a viewers’ attention for good 30 seconds -Modern viewers have relatively shorter attention span which explains why a website should be able to communicate your message within a few seconds. Our approach is cinch – We keep it simple yet unique. A great website is never complex and explains your message to the viewers at just one look. From conceptualization to preparing strategies to producing website displays to selecting a colour palette, our talented website designers are proficient in providing you with satisfactory results that enables you to have a digital presence that instantly builds a strong bond with the users. Thus, producing a good website traffic along with increasing return investment.

If there is any way to deliver an effective message out to the right audience is through a good website. We at Pixels Logo Design provides you with digital solutions that come with a sheer promise of total customer satisfaction. Providing perfection to your plate is our motto. And if you require excellence and value, you can completely rely on us!

Responsive Web Design

Responsive websites are not a choice anymore. They are indeed a necessity as about 1.91 billion people in the world are smartphone users. This entire market uses their smartphone to browse, check their email and stay connected via different social media apps. According to statistics, more than half of the website traffic comes from the mobile phones and tablets of different sizes.

Ecommerce Web Design

One of our most used and popular service is E-commerce website design and development. Businesses globally are now very well aware of the importance of being available 24/7. We at Pixels Logo Design strive to deliver the most skilfully designed and easy to use E-Commerce websites for our clients. We utilise the techniques and modern methods that would improve your ROI. We test your website across all browsers and devices (i.e. Mobile, Tablets, Laptop, P.C etc.) to ensure 100% functionality of your website. Our team of enthusiastic and talented designers is passionate about creating unique websites that help your business stand out in this crowded digital marketplace.


HTML5 is the most popular platform to design and develop professional websites that are visually striking and provide a seamless user experience. The enhanced web surfing experience is widely popular since it comes with a lot of new features and capabilities. The biggest benefit of having a HTML5 website is that your website can also be used a mobile application. These websites are also beneficial as they can be accessed across every device and supported by every browser including Chrome, Firefox, and Explorer etc.

CSS 3 Compliance

The most popular and recent trends in web development revolve around HTML5 and CSS3. The reason behind its popularity is the technological advancements that allow convenient audio and video integration, 3D rendering and animation. This is a milestone for web design and development as it meant that it’s no longer needed that designers and developers rely on heavy coded and bloated processor programs to execute beautiful and interactive websites. We use the greatest and latest HTML5 and CSS3 coding to develop our visually striking and user-friendly websites.

Blog Design

Blog comes from the term “Web Blog”. Blogs have become increasing popular over the last decade, it is a website that allows you to manage your content yourself and make entries whenever you want. You can also have the readers leave comments on your blog, opt in email and add social media campaigns. Blogs are great for Search Engine Optimisation and are essential to today’s business online marketing strategy.
We work on following open source Blogs and RSS Feeds:

  • WordPress
  • Blogger
  • Drupal and Joomla RSS modules
  • Custom RSS and XML solutions
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Kenneth E. Gariepy
They are incredibly flexible and courteous. Their quick delivery times, amazing service and economical rates has made us a permanent client. Kudos to Pixels Logo Design.
Kenneth Gariepy
Stephen D. Nichols
Pixels transformed my vision into reality. I am glad to say that I am absolutely thrilled with the results. These guys definitely exceeded my expectations and I am sure we…
Stephen Nichols
Steve T. Britton
Their team depicts sheer professionalism. I am a fan.
Steve Britton
Ambrose C. Hernandez
We are really happy with our website, we had it redone to be responsive and we are already witnessing the increase in number. This is amazing
Ambrose Hernandez
Edward M.Westerman
I am satisfied with the organized and clean layout of my webpage. All my queries were dealt with perfectly and communication was excellent.
Edward Westerman
Jose D. Jenkins.
I had an absolute blast working with Pixels Logo Design. Everyone from my account manager to the designer was fantastic and very thorough.
Jose Jenkins
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