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With millions of emerging websites and online stores, internet is now a crowded place where online businesses are trying to sell their ideas and concepts. And for an organisation to win the most viewers one must give in maximum efforts to stand out and build a predominant digital presence. Your website is the face of your company - it is a visual and functional representation of your brand image - And we at Pixels Logo Design ensure that your brand entity displays a bold yet powerful delineation of your brand through your digital forefront. For over a decade, Pixels Logo Design has been serving clients from all around the world with superior web development services spanning thousands of organisations and business sectors. Our team contributes highly talented and skilful web developers and website designers who are committed to providing you with permanent solutions for your website to become unbeatable. The team includes very carefully chosen minds that are filled with technical knowledge of design, coding, technological advancements and consumer psychology, that is why claim to have the best developers and designers in the industry. Our system works on the principle of perfection and our experts make exceptional efforts with use of their prolific skills to bring perfection to your plate. Nevertheless, good web development is the foundation of your website - It decides whether a user will stay hooked to your website or just minimise the tab and move to next. You can have a captivating content and visual on the website but if it includes poor functionality, you will lose your audience and accordingly, witness a decline in website traffic. It is to be well understood that your client is impatient, they require solutions quickly and knowing there are millions of other alternatives present on the internet, they will not hesitate in switching to the next one. A good web developer insures that your website displays smooth functioning and intelligent which is both user-friendly and pleasing to eyes and our experts understand that very well. Our web development results are a rendition of four main characteristics: Simplicity, innovation, scalability and growth. More than that, we strive to maintain a systematic process that ensures results that are according to industry trends and future needs to give your brand a unique yet longer life.

From the development process till the end product, our efforts display precision and accuracy leaving no room for error, hence establishing a valuable yet a brilliant profile for your brand identity. Furthermore, our team is proficient in working on all forms of websites including CMS and E-commerce platforms. With featured solutions including: content management system, JavaScript, Jquery & Ajax Development, Payment API Integration, Store Development and Shopping Cart Integration. Our customised services are unlatched to customer’s feedback and intuitions. By combining all their specifications and details with our unique development plan to come up with a dynamic and user-friendly website, we make sure that we reach total customer satisfaction.

Content Management Systems

Change is necessary to everything, since what doesn’t change becomes stale. CMS allows you to manage and change your content as and when required. Websites we develop would have simple interfaces to update content regularly without having to contact developers and we also incorporate CMS in Drupal and Word press websites. Additionally we have the audible feature for an article to be orated out loud for your convenience on your website.

JavaScript, JQuery & Ajax Development

Pixels Logo Design emerges successful on account of vast experience in the market, knowing that web projects are developed using Ajax, JQuery and JavaScript, we have only experienced programmers and developers to execute the most professional yet innovative websites for our clients globally.

Custom Code

Website functionality completely depends on its various plugins for ease and speed of access. It is minor although but plays a significant role in the performance of a website. Pixels Logo Design only employs programmers with unique talent and experience for coding and plug-ins for the effortless access your customers need on various browsers and platforms. We tend to experiment plugins to ascertain the response time and functionality to meet and exceed your expectations.

Payment API Integration

With e-commerce flourishing, websites are accustomed to providing a concrete and secure platform for online transactions. We adhere to secure transactions via Secure Socket Layers (SSL) and have years of experience in POS, CRM, Inventory and Financial Management to establish transactions online. Our developers ensure up to date, innovative technology to be utilised for your E-commercial business.

Store Development

In order to help your current or new online store, we first look in to the existing number of clientele you have and their dipping factors. Upon evaluation we confer different software for tally, secure POS and online payment methods and significantly instill new marketing methodologies in order to grow your online store by leaps and bounds. An analytical strategist would be allocated upon request until success meets hard work.

Shopping Cart Integration

Navigation on an e commerce website for buying and selling can be a compelling task. Developers at Pixels Logo Design are equipped to customise Magneto and Open Cart Plugins to improve flexibility while shopping online, making it hassle free and hence improving customer experience and generating clientele.

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Kenneth E. Gariepy
They are incredibly flexible and courteous. Their quick delivery times, amazing service and economical rates has made us a permanent client. Kudos to Pixels Logo Design.
Kenneth Gariepy
Stephen D. Nichols
Pixels transformed my vision into reality. I am glad to say that I am absolutely thrilled with the results. These guys definitely exceeded my expectations and I am sure we…
Stephen Nichols
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Their team depicts sheer professionalism. I am a fan.
Steve Britton
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We are really happy with our website, we had it redone to be responsive and we are already witnessing the increase in number. This is amazing
Ambrose Hernandez
Edward M.Westerman
I am satisfied with the organized and clean layout of my webpage. All my queries were dealt with perfectly and communication was excellent.
Edward Westerman
Jose D. Jenkins.
I had an absolute blast working with Pixels Logo Design. Everyone from my account manager to the designer was fantastic and very thorough.
Jose Jenkins
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