What are some of the Most Consistent New Web Design Trends and Why Companies choose only the hottest ones

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We are certainly obsessed with changing trends and technology in today’s digital age. The market has drastically evolved over the past few years, making it possible for companies to have aesthetically pleasing, fully functional, visually attractive, innovative websites. Innovations in the field of design and development with superior tools, techniques and designing knowledge have created a lot of possibilities for the business owners to have an access to expert web designers across multiple platforms. Those who can cope-up with latest web design trends smartly and effectively.


The Digital Age and Obsession for Warmest Designs


The main reason, I find has changed and extended the scope of obsession lies in modern SEO techniques for optimizing websites and its unique content over different search engines. Secondly, due to social media marketing. An ultimate rise of social media marketing and unique visual exposure have digitally influenced people to a point of no-return, which means that people are demanding more interactive, intuitive, appealing and most importantly dynamic website designs for increased user-experience(UX). Developing technologies, evolving digital patterns and improving tools, on the other hand, are allowing you to have a complete creative freedom when crafting or designing web design interfaces and interactions.

The end of static or traditional web trends and the rise of highly captivating or dynamic web designs has opened doors for seeking user attention and present business’s image/personality through strong visual experience rather than flat or static designs. Some of the trends that I find have cultivated a culture of getting delightful or captivating web designs are briefly explained below.


GIFs and Other Animations in a Web Design


Animations or GIFs are going mainstream. Businesses, especially B2C e-commerce platforms are finding it useful to generate a lead by providing a richer experience to the potential clients. A recent UK based design agency revealed that people just love GIFs as it reinforces and improves their digital experience. In short, people like to play around and spend more time on sites, which have a sophisticated touch of creativity with dancing GIFs that tell people the brand or product story.


Courageous Colours


A careful selection of colours can visually engage a client on a digital platform making 2017, a year of super-rich colourful websites. So, brands are adopting a braver strategy to approach customers for creating visually sensational web designs. They have the power to influence visitor’s thoughts, emotions, and conversion rates opening doors of opportunity for future growth and expansion. Trust me, there are no ifs and buts when it comes to colours, they either provide the customer the great experience or they don’t. Simple!

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